GWO Standards

Basic Safety Training Online Partial Refresher (BSTR-P)

Version 1.1
May 12, 2020

The COVID-19 viral pandemic has caused widespread disruption globally and has, in many regions, prevented technicians from attending GWO refresher training leading to a safety risk imposed through skills and knowledge fade within the wind industry. To mitigate against the fading of skills and knowledge amongst technicians GWO have analysed the basic safety refresher modules and released this standard as a way for already trained technicians to continue to work safely by enabling them to practice the knowledge and skills that they have learned during GWO training and apply this to their daily work tasks. This analysis has indicated that there are some learning objectives and elements in the domains of knowledge and skills where the knowledge fade can potentially be mitigated through attending online live training sessions.

What is the validity of the BSTR-P

As a refresher course, BSTR-P is only available for participants with an existing, valid (or expired within the stated extended flexibility period) BST or BSTR record in WINDA. The BSTR P has a validity of six months from the date of previous expiry

Can elements of the training be delivered via other digital methods?

Yes, though aimed at virtual classrooms,elements of BSTR-P can be delivered using other digital methods.

How do we get certified?

As an existing training provider you can be certified for this module via an online audit.

How will the remaining skills elements be addressed?

This is currently being investigated.

Is BSTR-P Permanent?

Yes - BSTR-P is a permanent part of the GWO standards portfolio.

Is it possible to combine the delivery of module elements?

Yes, if you cover all the elements of each module.

This standard describes the requirements for Basic Safety Training Refresher (Partial) courses that are recommended by the members of GWO. This full standard covers parts of the following five modules:

  1. First Aid
  2. Manual Handling
  3. Fire Awareness
  4. Working at Height
  5. Sea Survival

GWO has assessed that the objectives and elements contained in the partial modules, as described in sections 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 of this document, can be fully delivered during online training sessions using technologies that allow real time video conferencing.

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